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People say to me “what does it feel like to not have a mother on a day like this?”, well I’ll tell you. I feel downhearted whenever I think of it, everything about Mother’s Day is pointless to me, although I have the sense to honor. I know that not having a mother on Mother’s Day sucks and all that, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it. I never thoroughly understood what happened to my mother when I was young. Occasionally, I would question my dad where mom was, but he never told me about it. I tried begging him over and over and he refuses to tell me where mom was. I kept thinking maybe she divorced dad and went on her way or something, that’s up until I told Uncle Leon and Uncle Panther.

My father took me to them one day at a party that they were having with my relatives, and then I ask them if we should talk privately. The both agreed and we went inside the house and into the living room where the three of us sat down on a couch. I told them if they know where my mother is at. As I asked that question, the two had a deep feeling regarding about my mother. “Junior, I don’t like to say this to you, but your mother was killed,” said Uncle Panther to me. “Here’s the thing, shortly after your mother gave birth to you a man named Seth seized Calista away from Wolf, and um...he killed her,” said Leon.

I was shocked with what I’ve just heard from the two, how could this even happened in the first place, I had the urge to tell dad the truth to me. My father and I left the party; when dad was driving the car down the freeway I felt that it might be the perfect time to ask dad the truth. “Dad, I discussed with Uncle Leon and Uncle Panther about mom and they said that she was killed by a guy named Zeth. Why haven’t you ever told me that?”. Dad’s face began to overcome with grief as I told him that.

“Son, I’ve always hated to speak about her death. I never intended to tell you the truth as to why she’s dead, but I guess I should be honest with you. At first, we planned on having a great happy life with you after Calista gave birth to you. I saw how our future may’ve been, you playing around with us and seeing you growing up, but that all cut off short. She and you were at home when I was on a mission, and that’s when Zeth took the two of you. I got a message from your two uncles, I was horrified by what had just happened to the two of you, so I immediately went back to get you two. Zeth originally planned to kill you, but your mother saved you with only a scar on your left eye. As I came in it was too late, I stared at her dying while Zeth left the place. I felt like I wanted to kill that sick monkey, but I don’t want to go out fighting Zeth and leave Calista dying. I couldn’t resist that she’s dead...I felt like I failed myself to protect her and I kept saying in my mind that they should’ve killed me instead of her...I..I..I WISH SHE WASN’T DEAD!!!”

Tears started running down from his eye, and he had to pull the car over to the shoulder of the freeway. I calmed him down and as soon as he stopped shedding tears after a minute or two, he began to drive back on the road again. “I’m sorry Junior I didn’t mean to be like that, I just...that's the reason I don't want to think about her death.” “I think I already know what it feels like to be without mom. I also wish she wasn’t dead.” My head fell onto dad’s shoulder, he confirmed me as I feel to sleep on the drive back home.
Today, I went into the cemetery where my mother’s ashes are located. My father and I went up the stairs to a beautiful waterfall, that’s where I spotted the display across the waterfall with a picture of her and the vase containing the ashes. I walked slowly towards the display. I put the flowers on a little ring hole. I collapsed to the ground and cried, I felt like this is not real, it's just a long dream that I’m having, but it wasn’t. After calming myself down, I stayed there and said a prayer before we could leave. I always felt lonely without her, but I know she’s there with us, both alive but as a walking soul. She’ll never leave us alone, she will every time travel our footsteps and protect my father and I from harm’s way. I know that one day I’ll become just like her, a scientist solving many problems in the universe and caring for people as well. One day mom, I’ll defeat Zeth, he’ll get his pay over what he has done to you. I will for you mom.
It's been about a two months since I've uploading something here. I already have like five weeks of school to go so I'll be more active by summertime. Anyways, Mother's Day is here and that means another story. This story points out more on Wolf Jr.'s mother Calista. I don't want to spoil the story so the one way is by reading it, because haters gonna hate when I spoil it. LOL XD
This story is dedicate to my great friend :icongalaxywolf-girl:

Wolf Jr., Calista, & Zeth (C) :icongalaxywolf-girl:
Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski, & Panther Caroso (C) Nintendo
Story (C) :iconfoxsion:
This deviation is ©Foxsion - Do Not Use Without Permission

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