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I'm not too sure if I said this before but I might as well say it if I hadn't. For some time I was looking back into my old drawings, and every time I see them I always say to myself "what was I doing?". The way the characters were positioned seemed okay with me in the beginning, but they're quite awkward in the end. I think my drawing skills were a bit limited, I was a beginner on a program that I was - and still- using, and I never quite referenced a lot of my artwork to look perfect. Now I know what you guys are saying; why bother redrawing your old artwork when they look descent? I can agree with that mostly, but that doesn't get me away from that feeling of getting things perfect. I know that people aren't perfect, but I'm always trying to get that "perfect" feel for it at the end of the road. So for some time I said "should I do it? Should I shift positions from my ideas and start tweaking my work for the time being?". I felt that fixing them would waste my time since I wanted to get the other ideas from my mind out of the way, but I thought that I would be the best for it to be done in no time.

So, what I planned is that I am going to update every single artwork to make sure it gets to the point where I'm happy with the results. I plan on doing this every week since I could get away from being bored during the weekends and occupy myself. Some of them would need to be completely fixed, while others only need the background to be changed and that's it. Until the whole plan gets finished, I will go back and continue  to draw my ideas that I have written down on my smartphone. I know that everything isn't always going to be perfect in this world, but I want to get things right if you know what I mean. All I need to do is just draw it again and need some references to get the picture. Hopefully, you guys understand the reason I'm updating every single artwork that I have in my gallery (*cough* even though I never notify you people that I actually updated it *cough*).
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Cambion-Hunter Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Go for it, dude. ^^
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February 18, 2017